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Solar Panel Bracket (Mounting Structure)

  • Product Name: Solar Panel Bracket or Mounting Structure

  • Structural Material: Aluminum,Stainless Steel,Galvanized Low Alloy Steel

  • Mount Type: JMS Solar Mounting Bracket/PV Solar Panel Tilt Roof Mount/Bracket/Racking System

  • Surface Treatment: HDG (hot dipped galvanized ),Pre-galvanized,Electrical-galvanizing (yellow or white),powder coating(Black,Green,White,Grey,Blue),etc.

  • Usage: LED light industry,solar panel industry,sanitary ware industry,auto part industry,heat sink industry and etc.

High quality, excellent design, affordable price



  • Living house and home building.

  • Commercial building,factory,shopping mall,school,stadium,etc.
  • Power station,field operation and some huge engineer construction.

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